Vertical Fuse Holder and Switch

25 May 2013 Written by 

 vertical (linear) fuse-switches and fuse holders (rails) in the range of 160 to 630 Amperes.

Based on the research and evaluation made to find solutions for problems that the electricity distribution companies face with regard to utilization of industrial switch-fuse combinations, the Zavir Electrical Industries Co. has designed and produced the new types of vertical (linear) fuse-switches and fuse holders (rails) in the range of 160 to 630 Amperes.
These new products are manufactured in accordance with the international standard IEC 60947-3 employing the highest technologies to facilitate construction of compact substations.
Important characteristics and advantages of these new product types are:
• Reduction of panel size; the number of distribution cells can be reduced from 4 to 2 with these new types of fuse-switches
• Reduction of occupied space due to possibility to mount the fuse-switch directly on basbar
• Complete safety during fuse replacement' in (OFF) position the fuse is disconnected in two contact points and is not accessible in live condition
• The possibility of single-phase or three phase operation; the fuse-switches of ZTN type can be operated single-phase and the fuse-switches of ZTM type can be operated three-phase
• Easy mounting and handling
• The possibility to lock in (ON) position
• The possibility to install micro switches
• Equipped with the fuse-burnout indicator


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